Answer the following questions.1. How many favorable outcomes are expressed in the probability 7/9 ?2. How many possible outcomes are expressed in the probability 14/25 ?3. What fraction correctly shows the probability of 14 favorable outcomes out of 21 possible outcomes?(Enteras a reduced fraction using / for the fraction bar. Do not use any spaces in your answer.. Example: 1/2 is 1/24. Which probability is least likely; 17/35, 5/13, 132/425, 1/2?​

Accepted Solution

Answer:1. 72. 253. 2/34. 132/425Step-by-step explanation:Probability is the likelihood of an event occurring and it can be computed by:[tex]Probability=\dfrac{favorable\hspace{1mm}outcomes}{all\hspace{1mm}possible\hspace{1mm}outcomes}[/tex]1. So when you are given a probability of 7/9:[tex]Probability=\dfrac{favorable\hspace{1mm}outcomes}{all\hspace{1mm}possible\hspace{1mm}outcomes}=\dfrac{7}{9}[/tex]So the answer is 7.2. Given the probability is 14/25:[tex]Probability=\dfrac{favorable\hspace{1mm}outcomes}{all\hspace{1mm}possible\hspace{1mm}outcomes}=\dfrac{14}{25}[/tex]The number of possible outcomes is 25. 3. You have 14 favorable outcomes out of 21 possible outcomes. [tex]Probability=\dfrac{favorable\hspace{1mm}outcomes}{all\hspace{1mm}possible\hspace{1mm}outcomes}=\dfrac{14}{21}\div \dfrac{7}{7}=\dfrac{2}{3}[/tex]The answer is 2/3.The least likely even would be the smallest fraction. If you want to do this the easy way, just change them all to decimal and find the value with the least. 17/35 = 0.495/13 = 0.38132/425 = 0.311/2 = 0.5Since 132/425 = 0.31 is the smallest, then it is the least likely probability.